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S2L is a Leadership Networking Community that empowers leaders to grow by serving with their professional peers. At S2L, we advocate a core philosophy of leadership that places the needs of others first to promote adoption through DEMONSTRATION.

Producing 2 Things:
  • Fulfilling RELATIONSHIPS
  • Unparalleled RESULTS


Events focused on growing Personally and Professionally

These events are held regularly and breakfast or lunch is provided. Each grow group is separated by your professional peer vertical (Technology, Finance, HR, etc.).
Your peers lead the event and each event will have a Leadership Discussion Topic as well as a Peer Vertical Topic.


Events focused on connecting you with like-minded leaders.

Gather events are for socializing and connecting with leaders from the other Grow Groups. During each Gather event, S2L recognizes a leader in the community that has consistently served others.


Events focused on putting our minds and hands in action through DEMONSTRATION.

S2L feels as if we can be a CAUSE that impacts CAUSES. We connect those who have a passion for service with those in need. We organize GIVE Opportunities focused around direct contribution to the DFW community, partnering with local charities and other non-profit organizations.


“The S2L team delivers a powerful message about the impact of serving others as a path to great performance! As a leader of large and small organizations, what I’ve discovered is that the big secret to leadership is that there is no secret! It comes down to influence…nothing more and nothing less and the servant leader model is the path to greater influence and sustained performance. I’m sold on the idea of the servant-leader model and the S2L team can influence your team for the better.”

Keith Thurgood,
Retired Major General, US Army

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